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The suit shoes for children

Different age groups have different characteristics. Children's shoes are generally divided into baby, infant, toddler and children. From a standard perspective, these types of children's shoes have obvious differences in parameter requirements.

Wearing unsuitable children's shoes can easily lead to hallux valgus, iron hammer toe, small toe curl and other diseases. A pair of unqualified and unsuitable children's shoes will cause great harm to children's physical and mental health.

So, how to choose shoes for children? Parents should remember to choose right shoes for children, avoid four major mistakes!

Always buy a big one shoes - easy to fall

Many parents feel that their children's feet grow faster. If you buy just suit the feet, they will be small soon, so you can buy shoes with a larger size and wear them for a while, which is the most economical.

In fact, this is not right. First, the shoes are too big. When walking, the feet can not afford shoes, and the children are easy to fall. Second, the child's feet are unstable in the shoes, and they instinctively use the toes or heels to bring shoes, which is easy to form a bad walking posture of inner eight, outer eight or twisted.

Oxford Shoes

The sole is too curved - the injured foot

The comfort of the shoe also depends on the bending part of the sole. Many children's shoes are bent in the middle of the shoe, that is, the waist of the foot, which is easy to hurt the child's delicate arch. The scientific bending part should be located at the metatarsophalangeal joint of the forefoot of the foot so as to conform to the bending part of the foot during walking.

Leather Moccas

Upper, upper is too soft - easy to fatigue

The sole and the upper should not be too soft. The too soft sole can not support the sole of the foot, which is easy to make the child feel tired; and the too soft sole will be thinner, which is easy to oscillate the child's developing bones, joints and even the brain. In fact, the soles of children's shoes should have proper thickness and hardness.

In addition, the choice of soft sole refers to the soft part of the forefoot bending. Children should not wear soft shoes on their heads, too soft to protect their toes. There are also the back of the children's shoes should be stiff, wrapped feet, but the upper of the instep should be softer, in order to facilitate the bending of the foot.

Baby Dress Shoes

Wearing shoes that others pass through - losing your own shoes

Each child walks in a different posture, with different forces and different places of natural wear and tear. In addition, each child's foot type is different, and the shoes will follow the child's foot deformation. If someone else's child is a foreign character, the heel has a side that is very worn out, and your child's shoes will probably become a foreign character.


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